Love this Frig- it is big and clean looking and less than half the cost of a subzero of similar size

We use left over marble and rough cut in with a skill saw, sanded it and build a simple plywood base and bingo its a coffee table

The summer room

We used an induction top stove- they are amazing- thought I would never retreat from gas but this stove beats gas

It has a clean look on the marble

Who doesnt like Subzeros until you have to pay for them- We have found a great alternative that is much cheaper and I think pretty great- Frigidaire side by side frig/freezer

Closets are expensive if built by the cabinet shop and if not they often have that cheap feel- I am a big fan of RAKKS and their system- its clean and easy to install

Wall mounted towel heater- I think its a nice touch

Oil rubbed bronze floor mounted door stops

Exhaust hood that is as minimal as possible so it can be as unobstructive as poosible to the eye

Windows are out to be painted and it makes me think of having some non operable windows in the next house